Sachtler Artemis DV Pro MD – Are you up for it?

The Sachtler 4912 Artemis DV Pro MD/FX system (price below USD 10k) is specially designed for professional MiniDV cameras, HD-DV cameras and DV cameras, and offers the same excellence as the larger Artemis EFP, Artemis EFP Pro, Artemis Cine and Artemis Cine HD systems.


This modular construction offers a telescoping center post, flexibility and the ability to work with various vests and swing arms.

No Tool Adjustment:

The precise fine adjustment are accomplished without the use of tools or gimbals.

Battery Mount:

This model is optimized for Sony V-Lock batteries and power.


The (Sachtler 4950) Transvideo Starlight 4″ Video LCD is a high quality TFT video monitor built to be used with handheld cameras and stabilizer systems. The Starlight is built with easy-to-use image adjustment knobs along with a built-in backlight dimmer that can be changed dependent on lighting situation.


The Sachtler 4930 is a vest for the Artemis MD camera stabilizing system. This vest is a back mounted design allowing 80% of the weight to be on the user’s hip for comfortable control.

Spring Arm:

The Sachtler 4991 is the spring arm chassis for the Artemis DV Pro MD camera stabilizers. The spring arm chassis is the dampening agent between the vest and the post of a camera stabilizing system.


This kit comes with a C-Stand with a docking bracket for docking capabilities


Here’s a reel by a freelance steadicam operator Dave Dunville from Toronto, Canada and he owns a Sachtler Artemis DV Pro.

So, are you up for it to become the next or the first steadicam operator in Malaysia? To find out more, contact us at +603 79582582 or email at We are now ready for orders.

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