Vacuum Mounting Cups for Cameras, Scopes & Camcorders

We offers a selection of vacuum cups equipped with camera mounting heads. Both have many features of a tripod, but are designed for people on the go! Mount them on automobiles, boats, windows or counter tops. Knobs on the head provide infinite positioning and control for tilting and panning cameras, scopes and camcorders. These mounting cups provide a reliable, temporary fastener on almost any smooth, nonporous surface, such as metal or glass. Available in a range of styles to cover most applications and capacity requirements, they can be used to mount cameras, scopes, testing equipment, antennas, lights, signs, and much more. Mounting cups employ a threaded stud, female insert or tie-down bail to fasten accessories and equipment to the cup. Since mounting cups attach and release in seconds, they can be moved quickly from one place to another, without damaging most surfaces. Studs are available in various lengths and threads, including metric sizes.

4-1/2″ Concave Vacuum Cup with Head – SET CVCH4-1/2


Durable, black polycarbonate accessory mount with fully adjustable pan-and-tilt head.

Supplied with vacuum pad protector.


Vacuum Pad: Concave, 4-1/2”  diameter

Minimum Radius for Curved Mounting Surface: 12”

Load Capacity: 10 lbs [5 kg] per vacuum cup

Retail Selling Price: RM 650.00 (Tel: +603 79582582) (Email:

Availability: Stock available now.

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About syncoptima

Sync Optima Sdn Bhd (SYNCOPTIMA), a wholly owned Bumiputra company, was established in 2001 and has since flourished into an active, multi-facetted and thriving business. Audio Visual & Broadcast equipment sales and services plays an an important part of Sync Optima's business, and it is one that has grown extensively over the years. Sync Optima is well known in Malaysia for its wide range of broadcasting equipments ranging from cameras, lenses, lightings, tripods, editors, recorders, batteries and transmitters.

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