Sacthler goes Birdwatching

FSB 8 is recommended for setups weighing up to 8kg



Sacthler who is well known for its performance , quality and durability is now the prefered tripod and head for the DSLR community. The Birdwatching photographers requires a light and durable setup which allows them to sometimes carry their equipment  deep into forest  or where ever their birds subjects are located. There, they are required to set up  their equipments as swiftly and quietly as possible in order not to disturb the subject

With a recommended max payload of 6kg, the FSB 6 should be the prefered system for those with euipments weighing below 6kg


. The Sacthler  FSB 6 and FSB 8 with 10 stage SpeedBlance and SideLock allows the user to balance their camera and lens along with optimal height adjustment in a fraction of the time that other tripod manufacturer have to offer. The FSB 6 and FSB 8 comes with a  75mm bowl which incorporates a flat bottom allows tripods with a flat base be used. Though uncommon, any setup above 8kg would  require the DV 12 fluid head as shown in the picture below.

Do feel free to bring over your camera and setup to test the fluid head’s payload as they usually are able to take more than the recommended weight.

Litepanels MicroPro now available!!

Litepanels MicroPro – Professional Broadcast Quality On Camera LED Light for Video Film Television and Still Photography

The perfect camera lights – fully dimmable & powered by AA batteries

Litepanels MicroPro

The professional On-Camera LED Light that runs on 6 AA Batteries

Lightweight & Powerful – Double the Output of the Micro

So powerful, it’s proven to be a favorite of broadcasters and cinematographers alike, Litepanels MicroPro™ is the optimum LED light for shooters who use DV camcorders, DSLRs and the new breed of video enabled DSLR Cameras (HDSLR). Offering output similart to a 50W camera light, this cool-running, power efficient, go-anywhere fixture provides double the output of the Micro, yet is still lightweight enough to rest comfortably on board your camera.

The professional LED light that runs off 6 standard AA batteries. MicroPro daylight on-camera lighting fixtures harness the company’s proprietary LED technology in ultra-lightweight, compact package. With twice the illumination of the Litpanels Micro, the MicroPro offers luminous, soft, directional lighting, with the same warmth and great color characteristics that made Litepanels an integral part of television, broadcast news & motion picture productions worldwide.

ENG/DV/DSLR Friendly Design

The compact, low-profile Litepanels Micro Pro head is ideally suited for mounting on an ENG, DV, or DSLR camera. Measuring just 5.5″ W x 4″ H x 1.5″ D (139mm x 101.6mm x 38.1mm), the head weighs just 10.5 ounces (300g). With a handsome black finish and sleek design, it is a professional – looking addition to any camera.

Variety of Mounting Options

Litepanels Micro Pro comes equipped with an integrated camera shoe featuring an adjustable tilt mechanism. To allow for multiple configurations, it may also be mounted on the optional base plate for off-camera usage.

3 Piece Gel Set
BallHead Shoe Mount Adapter
Camera hot-Shoe Adapter
Power Saver

MicroPro produces 1.5 to 6 hours of continuous output from AA batteries (depending on type). It generates almost no heat, so it’s remarkably easy to handle. And the system can be run off of either standard or rechargeable batteries. Power can be supplied optionally through a convenient 5-16V input jack located on the back of the unit.

Litepanels MicroPro™ Photometrics
2ft. / 0.6m 100fc 1100 Lux
4ft. / 1.2m 52fc 560 Lux
6ft. / 1.8m 28fc 300 Lux


  • Size: 5.5″ W x 3.75″ H x 1.5″ D (139.7mm x 95.25mm x 38.1mm) (without shoe)
  • Weight:10.5 oz (300g)
  • Power Draw: 9 watts
  • Voltage Range 5V-12V
  • Six AA Batteries (Internal)
  • Integrated Filterholder
  • Daylight Output (cool white – 5600°K)
  • Filters Include 3200ºK Tungsten Conversion (warm white) 1/4 Warming, Diffusion
  • Comparative Luminance Output : Approx. 50W


  • Heat-free LED technology
  • Produces bright, HD friendly soft light
  • Integrated dimmer 100% to 0
  • All-in-one with no external cables
  • Absolutely flicker-free light output
  • Runs 1 to 1.5 hrs. on 6 AA batteries (HD Alkaline) 5-6 hours on Energizer e2 Lithium batteries
  • Uses standard or rechargeable batteries
  • Lightweight and compact
  • 50,000+ Hours of LED Life


  • Spare color/diffusion gels
  • Base plate for off-camera usage
  • AC Power Adapter
  • DV Adapter Plate for Panasonic, Canon, and Sony Batteries
  • Underwater Housing

Retail Selling Price: RM 2,100.00 (Tel: +603 79582582) (Email:

Availability: Stock Available now.