Canon Cinema EOS workshop featuring Alex Buono @ Tropicana Golf Club 9th/7/2012

If there’s such a thing as a rock star of DP’s or Cinematographers, one would consider Alex Buono to be one. Known for his work on Saturday Night Live and a bunch of flicks like Dead End  and Green Street Hooligan, Alex has been known to revolutionized the industry by incorporating DSLR movie capture abilities into film and programme productions.

With his preference to use Canon cameras in his work, Canon Malaysia thought it was the perfect opportunity to introduce to the public the new EOS C series ;c300 , c500 and the 4k Canon 1C DSLR with an Alex Buono Cinema EOS workshop !

Many of the participants favored with the ergonomic of the EOS C series, saying that it was comfortable to handle and the buttons and switches were place strategically , making it a well thought of camera

The Canon 1C camera also made its appearance in this event. With a traditional DSLR body shape, this 4k camera allows the DSLR videographers  to use their existing rigs or  rigs available in the market now.

Alex fed us with a bunch of useful information and tips throughout the workshop but one statement he made that left a lasting impression to me was.. “Canon has made movie making affordable.Big budget movie makers are even using the same cameras a normal consumers have  in their production. It use to be technology that separated movie making its creativity “

Seeing Stars…SXVR-H9

Ever wondered how beautiful pictures of the constellation are taken?

Obviously you would need a telescope but how does one capture images seen on the telescope?

Enter  the Starlight Xpress SXVR-H9. This nifty little gadget is basically an image sensor which replaces the telescope view finder which allows you to capture images or display images from your telescope to a remote monitor.

Quiet frankly, mounted on a telescope, the usage of this image sensor is limitless as it could be used for nature observation, wildlife photography etc.

We have sold a unit a few months back and you would be surprised how affordable they are!!